Kangas Sound Editor QI change history
Version Date Comments
4.2.0 11-Jul-2014 (Windows & Linux). Changes to new installation sample database. Made the extent of Recorded Sound boxes sensitive to the Volume multiplier field in the containing Sequence box. Fixed bugs with .WAV sound file handling.
4.2.0 25-Jun-2014 (Mac OS X only). Fix to prevent a dialog 'Kangas Sound Editor QI Install.app is damaged and can't be opened'. Changes to new installation sample database. Made the extent of Recorded Sound boxes sensitive to the Volume multiplier field in the containing Sequence box. Fixed bugs with .WAV sound file handling.
4.1.0 05-May-2014 Inclusion of WavePlayer, an internal audio player. Track 0 enhancements, including computation of Master track. Improvements to Waveform, Pitch and Amplitude views. Reuse sound and intermediate filenames facility added. Computation of child sound and intermediate files added. Configure sound file parameters dialog improved. Improvements to Variations dialog. The 'Time ruler start' on the toolbar is now a spinner field. Sound-box properties 'beeping' bug fix. Installation bug-fix for 64-bit Windows machines. Improvements in the handling of Recorded Sound boxes. Clicking on the 'Tracks' node now functions as a 3-way toggle. Single quote and backslash SQL syntax errors fixed. New installs now include examples of the four additional graph types introduced in version 3.2.0. Improved error report when an attempt to insert duplicates into the database is made. Fixed bug in sound-engine graph calculations in Compute Stereo and Recorded Sound. Improved format of fields shown in Duration dialogs. Fixed bug in Sound engine when the bits-per-sample is not an exact multiple of 8, and another when the bits-per-sample is exactly 8. Waveform, Amplitude and Pitch views - handling for 'Cannot locate intermediate file' messages improved. Closing the program and starting a new composition now only prompt the user if there are unsaved edits. The user actions of load/re-load composition, delete composition and XML import of a composition no longer have the side effect of closing track nodes and associated views. Fixed bugs that prevented successful XML import of a composition. Fix to bug where Waveform, Amplitude, Pitch, Channel and Master views were not always cleared on new composition or change of composition. Changed regular expression search in Finder dialogs to behave like regular expression searches in the Kangas Sound Editor. Constraint to prevent duplicate composition names added to installation and upgrade scripts.
3.2.2 21-Nov-2013 (Mac OS X only). Changed to save main window preferences only if the user confirms he/she wants to close the program. An unnecessary refresh of the Properties view has been removed. Changes to better deal with a Sequence box which while selected, goes off Edit view. A bug resulting in incorrect display of UNNAMED COMPOSITION in the title bar for a named composition in Aqua look-and-feel has been fixed. Added code to better handle a switch from MIDI to non-MIDI pitch on a composition. Improved display of Variations. Fixed bug in volume/duration calculation for Repetition Groups.
3.2.0 12-Oct-2013 New graph types 'Square root', 'Cube root', 'Power' and 'Geometric sequence' have been added. An octave/note selector for the MIDI start pitch of Sequence boxes has been introduced. Numeric fields in the Properties window now have spinners for incrementing or decrementing values, and sliders for major or minor adjustments to values. Graph evaluation has been improved, including a fix of a possible divide by zero error. Bugs in the rendering of Waveform, Amplitude and Pitch views, including a failure for these to be resized properly, have been fixed. Property window fields now have a cream background colour (previously white). Links to web pages in the Help on the Web dialog have been updated, fixing some links which had become broken in the process. The operation of dragging Sequence boxes has been made smoother, by fixing a bug which resulted in the Properties window being re-displayed needlessly. Registry keys for this program are now stored under a key of com->kangasound in the Java preferences section of the registry; previously there was a possibility of a key conflict with another Java program. The internal HSQLDB database engine has been upgraded from 2.0.0 to 2.3.0. Installer bugs in the creation of desktop shortcut for Kangas Sound Editor QI on Linux/Unix have been fixed.
3.1.0 25-Dec-2010 Precision of numbers displayed and input-able with Graphs, Anti-harmonic Bases and Variations has been increased from 3 to 6 decimal places, precision of Harmonic/Anti-harmonic factors has been increased from 3 to 8 decimal places. A new display-only column 'Frequency Multiple' and an additional validation check on save have been introduced to Anti-harmonic Bases. Graphs, Harmonics, Anti-harmonics, Anti-harmonic Bases and Variations have a new color scheme, and their finder dialogs have a new slider control 'Axis detail level'. Axis labels now have a grey, semi-transparent background to improve their readability whilst not totally obscuring the data. Rendering of Anti-harmonic and Anti-harmonic Bases has been improved. A bug in the XML import of 'Keep intermediate file' flags has been fixed. A bug relating to the input/validation of columns 'Initial interval' for Variations has been fixed.
3.0.2 02-Dec-2010 Fix release for QI only, fixing a bug in XML import that didn't recognise an existing database entity (such as a Graph or Harmonic) referred to by a structure in the XML import, where the database entity name has uppercase characters in it.
3.0.1 15-Nov-2010 Fix release for Mac OS X Leopard, fixing a bug whereby the Kangas Sound Editor QI installer failed to launch even when a valid Java SE 6 VM is present on an Intel 64-bit machine.
3.0.0 05-Nov-2010 XML import/export facility added, allowing Kangas Sound Editor QI users to collaborate with and build on the work of other Kangas Sound Editor/QI users. Improved cross-platform functionality, targeting Mac OS X, and Linux (especially Ubuntu). Improvements to the installation program. Edit Panels now have vertical scroll bars if needed, and have a white background. New functions to delete tracks, and copy/move/delete a range of Sequence boxes have been added. An indicator (*) now appears next to the composition title if there are unsaved edits. Edit Panel tree-nodes are now topmost for a given track. New configurable parameters are: Default Edit View duration, Property view width and Transparent toolbar icons. Toolbar buttons and search buttons have redesigned icons. The Sequence button is now topmost/leftmost in the toolbar (depending on its orientation). General improvements have been made to dialogs. "Help on the web" and About dialogs are now modeless, and have been redesigned. New dialog "Configure all parameters" added (this is called "Preferences" in Mac OS X). Main program dividers now remember their location. Properties toolbar displays the track number of the displayed properties, but is no longer draggable. Bugs in Nimbus look-and-feel fixed.
2.8.0 04-Dec-2008 Improvements in the handling of volume changes for Repetition Groups, including introduction of new field 'Cumulative volume'. Installer/Uninstaller improvements.
2.7.0 17-Sep-2008 Tooltips for boxes in Edit view have been introduced. Finder and system info dialogs now remember their size and location on screen. 'Default use MIDI pitch numbers' configuration check box now defaults to checked, ie MIDI pitch numbers is now the default scheme. 'Show' check boxes on finder dialogs now default to checked. Fixed bug in scrollbar activation for Sequence and Sound properties, that could result in the bottom property 'Keep intermediate file' being awkward to access. The order of items displayed in finder dialogs is now case insensitive.
2.6.0 22-Aug-2008 This is the first version of the Kangas Sound Editor QI program. The functionality corresponds to that of Kangas Sound Editor 2.6.0, except for the database - the Kangas Sound Editor QI comes with its own bundled database engine (HSQL), whereas the Kangas Sound Editor needs MySQL to be downloaded and installed separately.