12 ways to help accelerate development of the KangaSound project

If you find Kangas Sound Editor (QI) to be an interesting, useful or potentially useful computer program, you might like to consider helping this project. Kangas Sound Editor and Kangas Sound Editor QI are open-source freeware programs, and are committed to remaining so. In order for this project to reach its potential, which in the short term includes development of version 5 of the software, help is needed from you. Helping this project motivates the developers, who can see that there is real interest rather than just a few downloads of the software, and encourages new developers to work on the software.

Here are twelve possible ways you can help accelerate development of the KangaSound project:

  1. Like this project on Facebook:

  2. Make use of the Facebook Kangas Sound Editor page to post comments, including posting links to any work you have done using the software. While you are there, please like that page too!
  3. Sign the guest book.
  4. Post to a KangaSound forum.
  5. Create a ticket relating to Kangas Sound Editor (QI).
  6. Upload KangaSound XML files for any work you have done to the KangaSound XML file listing page.
  7. Volunteer for the KangaSound 80's Music Project.
  8. Donate to this project.
  9. Sponsor this project.
  10. Buy a CD or download an MP3 for The Journey or Get out of my life!, both of which were created using Kangas Sound Editor. Alternatively, you may wish to:

If you do decide to help the KangaSound project in any of the ways listed above, then know that this is very much appreciated.