13. Selection of Harmonic box

Thumbnail of selection of Harmonic box

Figure 13.1
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Figure 13.1 shows the third (rightmost) Harmonic in the Chord Group being selected and the entered Harmonic code: paul_RND_3.

The Amplitude edit field is an alternate method of affecting the volume of a sound. It is useful in situations where there are multiple instruments in the same Sound box, as some may drown out the sound of others. This value in this field can accentuate (if greater than 1) or diminish (if smaller than 1) the weighting of an instrument. It is also useful in other situations, such as fine tuning the volumes of certain sounds in a composition.

The Amplitude edit field can be adjusted with the set of sliders shown underneath, which were introduced in version 3.2.0 of the software. The top slider shows the anticipated range for the Amplitude field, which is 0 to 10,000; it is possible to directly enter a value outside this range, such as 20,000, but such values are considered to be rarely needed in practice so do not have slider support. The remaining sliders can be used to make progressively smaller adjustments to the Amplitude field. Here, the configuration parameter Use negative offset sliders is checked (ticked); hence the remaining sliders range from a negative to a positive value. You may notice that moving one of these sliders into a negative position causes it to jump to a positive position, with the slider above adjusted to compensate; this is intended behaviour, but if you do not like this you have the option of unchecking the Use negative offset sliders configuration parameter. Finally, you can show or hide the sliders for a numeric field (Amplitude here) in the Properties pane by clicking on the line with a small arrow (triangle) in the middle that is just below the numeric field.