16. Selection of Chord Group

Thumbnail of selection of Chord Group

Figure 16.1
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Figure 16.1 shows a Chord Group being selected. Properties here affect children, or components, of the Chord Group. For example, entering a relative volume (Rel. Volume field) of 0.5 with volume operator (Vol operator) Add selected would be a quick way of adding 0.5 to the resultant volume (i.e., volume after any Interval box volume adjustment) of each Interval box within the Chord Group; this would produce a cumulative effect if the Interval boxes' Vol relative to fields were set to Previous or Previous sound.

The interval numerator and denominator (Interval Numer and Interval Denom fields) affect the duration of all immediate (i.e., non-nested) intervals; the child-interval numerator and denominator (Child interval Numer and Child interval Denom fields) affect the duration of all nested (i.e., excluding immediate) intervals; and the child-duration numerator and denominator (Child duration Numer and Child duration Denom fields) affect the duration of all non-interval children. The pitch numerator and denominator (Pitch Numer mult and Pitch Denom mult fields) affect the pitch of intervals within the Chord Group in a similar way to how the volume multiplier works.