24. Sequence box after editing duration

Thumbnail of Sequence box after editing duration

Figure 24.1
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Figure 24.1 shows the effect of incrementing the Duration field value to 6 — on comparing the selected Sequence box with its appearance, before increment of duration, in figure 23.1 you will notice that its width has grown, and a quick glance against the time ruler shows that the selected Sequence box has stretched to occupy six seconds.

If you were to switch the time ruler unit to 1/10 second graduations, you would see the Sequence box expand considerably — it would still occupy six seconds, but because of the new scale this would mean greater width. If you were to switch to 10 second graduations, the Sequence box would shrink to the minimum size where it can still house all its children, and the blue grid would reappear inside the Sequence box so that a visual indication of its true duration could still be seen.