30. Selection of track

Thumbnail of selection of track

Figure 30.1
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Figure 30.1 shows track 7 being selected by a mouse click in the Edit pane E7, which causes the black vertical line near the start of Edit pane E7, and properties for track 7, to appear. If a Sequence box were added to Edit pane E7 now, it would be placed at the location of this black vertical line.

The properties of the track are as follows:

The Compute kwik button behaves the same as the Compute button unless there are existing intermediate files that have already been computed for descendants of the track, such as Sequence boxes and Chord Groups. For example, if an intermediate file is found for a given Sequence box this gets used and no thorough computation for that Sequence box and its descendants takes place. This has the advantage of speed, but could result in an unexpected result if any property values of the Sequence box or its descendants have been altered, but without the Sequence box intermediate file having being recomputed. If the Sequence box does NOT have an intermediate file, then the Compute kwik function will look for any intermediate files used by the descendants of the Sequence box (Chord Group, Repetition Group, Sound box etc.); intermediate files at lower nesting levels take priority over intermediate files at higher nesting levels; for example, an intermediate file associated with a Chord Group would be used if found, ignoring any intermediate files associated with descendants of the Chord Group such as Harmonic boxes.